Agri Tzaneen Show 2018


We were one of the exhibitors at the Standard Bank Letaba Show Hall B, Tzaneen from 8 – 10
August 2018, presenting Mobi Go Solutions which is based in Barberton, Mpumalanga.

Mobi Go Solutions is a platform-based operation and our aim as a Production House is to empower people to get an education and be more work ready, and therefore we were part of introducing our available Tailor-Made Media Productions

The air was filled with excitement from day 1 as all exhibitors were rushing to get settled and ready for the opening on Wednesday, 8 August 2018.08.

On our arrival at show Hall B we were welcomed and assisted by the some of the organisers and even with the setup of our stall, we were given guidance from them which was very supportive.

At first, it was very quiet, but people were drawn by the atmosphere and laughter at our stall as with the demonstration of the Virtual Reality headset where a person look around using the virtual glasses as if you are finding yourself at that specific location.

There were many different food stalls which were difficult to choose from as they all had the best to offer to the hungry.

I walked around and wandered to the livestock section and was drawn by the Brahman cattle with their glossy coats and some with dark pigment patches which had that proud look of being a Brahman. This was very emotional for me as I grew up on a farm which made me felt at home.

Close to the Brahman Cattle were some miniature ponies which the main attraction of the Livestock Section was. Kids were running around them, patting them and some kids which even appear scared bravely took a ride on these ponies while mothers proudly took photos of this big event.

I was astounded by the effort made to entertain the elderly people from Old Age Homes with such a personal touch presenting them each with a plate of different kinds of snacks & coffee, they even had a competition in a place, where they could win “snack hampers by finding a red sticker underneath their plate. The high light of the day off cause was when the entertainer of the day start singing some golden oldies where many elderly people partake in dancing on the rhythm of the music and even step out doing the famous “rock and roll”. I was so impressed by their joyful attitude and had to take photos of this awesome event

This was an event which will always remind me of when I was young growing up on a farm, the smell of real “boere-kos” like homemade curry & rice, spit-braais and even pap & kaiings.

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